Monday, September 10, 2012

In the last two months, it’s all about the tragedies that have came about to our fellow OFWs, a suicide, a baby on a plane’s toilet, a nurse accidentally unplugged life support for a paralyze patient and the last I have come across with is a nurse killed by a prisoner in a jail house. Seldom you’ll hear or read good news about OFWs, even Mr. Google is having a hard time searching. It took me a while to find the story of a former domestic helper in Hong Kong and became a successful business woman. It may not be as fresh as the unfortunate news but a real and inspiring story worth knowing.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

After years of working for foreign employers, many returning OFW's try to keep the cash flowing by taking the path of Entrepreneurship. Two of them who have successfully parlayed their savings into successful businesses share their stories.

I'd like to share to you The inspiring success stories of former OFW's who are self-made millionaires who gave their 100% pinoy sipag attitude through a new business in the Philippines.

Watch this very short video on how they did it, who knows, maybe you are the next in line.

Amazing Stories

Former OFW Romula Lozada

Review of Ms. Regine Tolentino about the Business

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